A Driver Coach is different than an instructor.

An instructor may tell you where to turn in, but a coach will teach you why we want to turn in there. 

It’s my philosophy that a coach should teach you how to teach yourself.

I want to give you the tools, knowledge and understanding of how to take your driver development into your own hands. 

Your car gives you thousands of pieces of feedback every moment out on track. It’s the driver’s job to interpret this feedback, process it, and execute the right response to achieve the desired result.

The car always goes where you tell it to, whether you meant it or not!

You just need to understand the language the car speaks.

Go faster and be safer on your next track day.



Racecar Data Acquisition


Race Car Data Acquisition


Driver Coaching Jonathan Goring
"Jonathan is an Incredibly talented racing driver who has raced and beaten all competitors in the toughest classes in American Road Racing. Years ago, I voted for Jonathan as the the best young up-and-coming American. He then went on to win the highly competitive Skip Barber National Championship (against the recent Formula BMW World Champion). After almost winning the Star Mazda title (lost only through bad luck) Jonathan dominated the IMSA Lite class, qualifying on the pole, and winning every race (11) he entered. Beyond all his accomplishments, Jonathan is a gifted driver and driver coach. I highly recommend Jonathan to all interested parties who can help guide his promising career on the road to bigger and better things in our sport. He is a hard-working Brilliant Talent who Deserves to Succeed."
Bruce MacInnes
SCCA National Champion



My day rate is $1,250.00

You have me for the day. Depending on the format of the event and your own personal goals and learning style, coaching may be more Data & Video Analysis focused or more Right Seat focused.**

**I always  reserve the right to opt out of right seat coaching for any reason.


30% coaching and 100% travel are due to reserve your day.

To find more information on remote coaching  CLICK HERE


Yes, but there will be a maximum of 3 drivers.

My day rate of $1,250.00 can be equally split between 2-3 drivers.

Event format varies depending on which car club or race series you’re running in.

I am an independent contractor and you are responsible for your own event registration.

To ensure you get the best coaching experience please be sure you are familiar with how a typical day goes with your organization.

If you’d like to consult with me on which event would make the most sense from a coaching perspective please contact me first.

Yes, but I always reserve the right to refuse right seat coaching for any reason. 

Yes, I travel all over the United States.

To reserve your day, 30% of the coaching fee and 100% of the travel costs are required to book your day.

Local tracks to me are complimentary, this includes Lime Rock Park, Thompson Speedway, and Palmer Motorsports Park.