Ensure the best value on your coaching investment.

You want your driver coach on the better days at the track. 

Not the day your car broke down.

Not the day it ended up raining.

Not the session you got stuck in traffic.

 Or the one with the 20 minute black flag in the middle, either.

Send me your Data/Video files from a session of your choice that you feel is a fair representation of your driving. 

Additionally, you’ll find your session analysis is more thorough without the time constraints of making it out for your next session. 

Make Driver Coaching Simple, Affordable & Effective.



  • In Depth Driving Analysis
  • Full debrief report (.PDF) illustrating generic tendencies in your driving as well as specific, turn by turn feedback
  • A scheduled 1 hour follow up phone call with me to go over your report
  • A hard copy of your report delivered straight to your door



After checkout, follow instructions to upload Data & Video from any on track session of your choice.


Upon receipt, your files will be reviewed and you will receive a personalized full debrief (.PDF) report within 5 business days.


We’ll set up a 1 hour phone call. This time will be spent guiding you through your report and answering any questions you may have. 


You will receive a hard copy of your report in the mail to bring with you next time you go to the track!

"Jonathan Goring has been providing coaching for me for years at Lime Rock Park and elsewhere. Recently I had the opportunity for him to do remote coaching by providing him with data recorded on my AIM device. He is extremely experienced in analyzing this data and I found his analysis extremely useful in contributing to my continuing driving improvement. I would highly recommend this coaching method to anyone interested in improving their lap times."
Tom Rush
President, Hudson Infectious Disease Associates