Jonathan Goring Motorsports owns and operates one track ready Mazda Miata for rent with coaching for skidpad/autocross events only.

Be prepared this time for your next “moment” out on track. 

Learn oversteer, understeer & even four wheel skids with my guidance as I walk you through what the car is doing- as it’s doing it. 


Autocross / Skidpad only

"I came to Jonathan Goring as an avid track day attendee, but with no racing experience. I started talking with him about what I could do to improve my lap times at Lime Rock and Watkins Glen.I scheduled an appointment and started by having him drive my car. This being a car I was very comfortable in, I was amazed at how he shattered my best time without trying too hard. Now that he had a feel of my car, he delivered with eloquence some personalized advice about how to adjust my driving for the car I was using.After a few laps, he was able to sum up the errors I had developed over the years of tracking my car. Once back in the pits, he explained to me what I was doing and gave me tips to correct these errors. On our next session I kept his advice in mind and he rode shotgun again. In just one session, he was able to bring my lap times down almost 2 seconds at Lime Rock! I thought I knew it all, but now I'm driving faster than ever, and I owe that to Jonathan. Take my word; spend a day with this prodigy and you won't regret it!"
Chazz Logue
Flight Instructor and Retirement Specialist


No, The rental car is for coaching clients only. However, the premier rental program for the New England area is Housatonic Racing Development (HRD) .

The driver coaching and car rental is sold as a package. 

The entry to the event is separate and you are responsible for your own registration. However I can help with registration if requested. 

This car has a roll bar and not a roll cage, so it is reserved specifically for skidpad & autocross only.