Remote coaching is a great way to learn at your own pace and at the time you want. It saves you significantly on private coaching and is an opportunity to learn without dealing with the time pressures of a track day. 

What you will do:

  • Send me your video in any common video file format, approximately 20 minutes in length. (.mp4, .mov) It is preferable that I can see the steering wheel and your hands in your video. 
  • Send me your data file (.drk if AiM)FROM THE SAME SESSION as your video.

What I will do:

  • Review your data and video
  • Send you a detailed PDF document.

What will be in the document:

  • Full, in depth debrief report on your driving for that session. This will include information such as feedback on your turn in points, your line, reference points, even eyework. A typical document will be between 3-4 pages in length.
  • A clear, specific sense of direction on how to continue to improve your driving. This ensures you don’t just benefit from seat time, but that the seat time really counts!
  • A structured plan with customized drills to practice at your next track day(s)
  • Up to 1 hour follow up phone call with any questions or comments regarding the debrief report. 



Please fill out the form below to request a submission or if you have any questions.